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What is the study about?

This study is being carried out to test new ways of collecting information on lifestyle factors, health and use of medicines throughout pregnancy in a large number of pregnant women.

This information is needed to help find out more about the safety of medicines in pregnancy, so we can improve the advice given to pregnant women who need to take medicines.

This study would like to answer to the following questions:

• How are medicines used during pregnancy? Information will be collected on the use of prescription and over the counter medications, as well as on use of herbals and homeopathic remedies.

• How common are other lifestyle factors that might be important in pregnancy? Additional questions on lifestyle will be asked to help us be aware how these might affect women and their babies during pregnancy.

• What is the best way to collect information on medication use, health and lifestyle factors during pregnancy?


Who is participating?

We would like any pregnant woman living in the UK, Poland, Denmark and the Netherland to take part in the study. We would prefer for you to sign up very early in your pregnancy but if you are at a later stage you can still join.

We hope that 1400 women will take part from each of the four participating countries, i.e. 5600 women in total.



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Via the telephone:

You can enrol yourself by calling the following toll free numbers:

DK: 80801286
The Netherlands: 08008786006
Poland: 800020249
UK: 08000121156